Manuel Zarate


Zarate's plays may be produced with permission. Please contact Susan Gurman to receive rights to the scripts.


What happens when we find ourselves on a stage empty save a glass of water, a clock, and a screen. What will you remember? Reflections will be the fifth play in the five-play series by Zarate titled, Love Sonatas. Reflections is currently being written. It has never been workshopped or produced and is Zarate’s latest play.

Diagonal Life

An imaginary conversation between Niels Bohr and Werna Heisenberg, Zarate sought permission from both the Bohr and Heisenberg families to write this gorgeous script about science, faith and love which was workshopped in Seattle at the Pioneer Square Theatre in 1990. It starred Ramon McLane, Eric Ray Anderson, J. Morgan Armstrong, and Laurie Clothier.


Originally the fifth play in a five-play series, Love Sonatas, by Zarate which premiered at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin, Texas in 2008, Shards was the weak link and has since been discarded. An upcoming play titled, Reflections, will take its place.

Tangled Dreams

In the early nineties Manuel wrote Tangled Dreams which one critic called "the worst play ever written by any playwright dead or alive." Awesome.